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Vanities by Styles


Vanities by Size

With our high-quality vanities, we deliver a beautiful bathroom with style heightened by functionality. We offer both modern and traditional cabinets with sleek designs and stunning finishes including White, gray oak, natural, espresso, and many more We offer many countertop options for your bathrooms ! These include quartz, granite, and marble vanity tops.

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity 

Customers can choose from modern or more traditional bathroom vanities with colors including dark walnut, grey oak, natural espresso, and natural white. There are many more to choose from! Our vanities include a selection of a granite countertop, marble, or quartz countertop. We are the #1 provider for KINGWAY Bathroom Vanities  and have over 20-30 selections ready to show you on our Showrooms.

Our modern vanities will revamp your space with a polished and sleek style. On the other hand, our traditional vanities provide a nostalgic and classic appearance to your bathroom areas. Choose what fits your style! As always, we offer competitive prices for our vanity sets and are dedicated to delivering a budget-friendly option for your home. 

When choosing the right vanity for your bathroom, consider how many people will be using that area. Is it a shared space? Consider installing dual sinks, which are great for couples! How about a corner vanity or a furniture-style vanity to accent a room? 

Customized Options with custom bathroom vanities 

We also offer customized options to give you the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom. If you are in need of a vanity adhering to a specified width, look no further! KINGWAY Kitchen can help you design the best fit for your home while accommodating your style and budget.  

Explore Opportunities with Our Virtual Visualizer 

Not sure how it will look? Try out our virtual visualizer to see your project come to life! We offer a kitchen, bathroom, and countertop edge virtual visualizer to ensure that you receive the product of your dreams. 

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